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Why Us

Our founder is a Ladakhi local. He has 12 years' experience as a tour guide and he knows what you want. Whilst taking into consideration the people and environment of Ladakh.

AMAZING HIMALAYAS is known for its

  • Impeccable safety record
  • Eco-sensitive approach
  • Personalized experience for travelers
  • Competent and committed team
  • We take this opportunity to provide an overview of what you could expect on tour with us

  • All of our guides are local guides. Providing income for local families.
  • Some would say basic but our two-man expedition dome tents sure are comfortable.
  • Mass shelters are also assembled at the camp site to provide comfort while lounging around the Himalayas.
  • Kitchen facilities are specially customized to brave the elements that the great outdoors can deliverer.
  • Chefs and kitchen hands are experienced in preparing nutritious and tasty meals. Strict hygiene and food handling practices are implemented at all times.
  • All guides are trained in basic and environmental first aid. As your safety is of our greatest concern.
  • We would like to acknowledge that at Amazing Himalayas a portion of the tour profits are redirected to furthering educational and environmental needs in the Ladakh region.

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    Client Testimonial

     AAA – Experience, A promise well kept. The tour was fun and you made everything so easy for us to just enjoy. From start to End we enjoyed....

    Kelly Brook 2009
    London, UK.